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class RenderSystem : public System

Responsible for handling all the rendering in the editor.

Public Functions

void setConfig(const SceneSettings &sceneSettings)
void update(float deltaMilliseconds)
void renderLines()
void submitLine(const Vector3 &from, const Vector3 &to)
void submitBox(const Vector3 &min, const Vector3 &max)
void submitSphere(const Vector3 &center, const float &radius)
void submitCone(const Matrix &transform, const float &height, const float &radius)
void recoverLostDevice()
void setCamera(CameraComponent *camera)
void restoreCamera()
void calculateTransforms(Scene *scene)
void pushMatrix(const Matrix &transform)
void pushMatrixOverride(const Matrix &transform)
void popMatrix()
void enableWireframeRasterizer()
void resetDefaultRasterizer()
void setPerCameraVSCBs()
void setPerFrameVSCBs(float fogStart, float fogEnd)
void setPerCameraChangePSCBs()
void setPerFramePSCBs(const Color &fogColor)
void setPerScenePSCBs()
void updateStaticLights()
void updatePerSceneBinds()
void setIsEditorRenderPass(bool enabled)
void enableLineRenderMode()
void resetRenderMode()
CameraComponent *getCamera() const
const Matrix &getCurrentMatrix() const
Renderer *getRenderer() const
void draw()

Public Static Functions

static RenderSystem *GetSingleton()